about me

My name is Karla and I live in the beautiful Central Coast.  I come from a very artistic family, musicians and artists abound.  Being the daughter (and grand-daughter) of professional photographers, I have flirted with the thought of being a professional photographer all of my life, thinking of “one day”.   I remember my younger brother and I during childhood days, taking naps in my parent’s photography studio and doing homework in their prop room. Eventually, my brother and I found ourselves working  the Front Desk, making appointments, answering phone calls, showing proofs,  and assisting in all that was the family business.  My Dad employed me as his second shooter at 16 and my brother as his videographer.  Both my parents encouraged that I take all the photography classes offered in high school (and later college) but post-college life led me in other directions.

Though I have found success being a business woman managing multi-million dollar businesses for major corporations,  it dawned on me that the “one day” I thought of when I was a kid is today! Having been trained in film photography, I am now diving into digital photography and it truly feels as if I am falling in love with an old friend all over again.  Everything feels new, all the technical aspects of photography have suddenly become romantic.  I now appreciate all my Dad’s teachings about how beautiful it can be when light illuminates a subject turning it into something magical.  I remember my Mom’s artistic influence in that she could not only make her clients feel that they were beautiful, she made them believe it! I am discovering the person I have always been and this new phase of my life, doesn’t feel like a phase at all.  It just feels….right.

I look forward to working with you and having you be part of my art.