Sometimes work mixes with pleasure.  Or pleasure mixes with work?  I’m not sure but those two sentences sound different…  I am so extremely fortunate that I have two of the best jobs I could’ve ever asked for.  I am a hotelier and photographer.  Two completely different careers but I love both of them.  With that being said, being successful at both of them takes quite a bit of commitment and time.  Somehow, I make it work and I love my life.  This last week in particular was very tough on me personally.  Between both jobs and my family life, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.  What am I doing?

Yesterday was one of my very best friend’s baby shower and out of habit, I was behind the camera.  Do you know what happened?  I fell in love with my camera.  Again.  Seems to happen to me often and yesterday it happened again. I  love having my eye behind the camera, snapping people’s faces when they don’t see me.  Those are my favorite ones.  Not the posed photos, but the real life moments that were captured.  I sat down just now to post-process them and I didn’t do anything to them.  I decided they were beautiful just the way they are.  No filters necessary, no photoshop, just the moments frozen in time.  I think that technology often makes people forget how beautiful these moments are.  Everyone has a camera phone, an Instagram account… We are bombarded by images constantly, every day.  My photos mean so much to me, that exact moment will never happen again and those people, those kids, that room, will never look the same again.  I love what I do, whether I’m working or not, I wouldn’t change it. <3

Here are some of my favorite moments from yesterday:


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